Gameffect + Red Bull = TRUE

A lot is happening at Gameffect this spring, and whilst waiting for our new PCs we are happy to announce that Red Bull joins us as a partner!

The new fridge is in place, and we’ve stocked up with a lot of flavours from the Red Bull range. The choice is yours to decide which one tastes the best – make your voice heard and influence our choice of best Red Bull.

Together with Red Bull, we have made a few deals we are happy to present to you!

1 Red Bull 250ml + 1 hour of gametime = 40 SEK

2 Red Bull 250ml + 3 hours of gametime = 100 SEK

We are also incredibly happy to announce that a Red Bull is now included if you as a member purchase a nightgibb! The pricing of a nightgibb with a VIP membership is 80 SEK, and with a regular membership the price is 100 SEK.

Come down to Gameffect and enjoy a cold Red Bull with your next gaming session!