Dreamhack Winter 2016

Dreamhack is coming up and we’re already feeling the vibes. The past few days we have had the pleasure to watch FNATIC and their Overwatch team get ready for the $50000 tournament held right in our backyard.
The five ordinaries of FNATIC are joined by Hafficool to round out a lineup we are looking forward to follow throughout the event.

It is not hard to see that us at Gameffect are FNATIC fans, and together with them we have created a clan room inspired by them. From their logo on the wall to the orange backlight and the FNATIC Gear peripherals, we are FNATIC fanatics.

We have more teams and organisations coming in as the days pass and the countdown towards the largest LAN festival in the world continues. Follow us on social media and check out our website for more news around Dreamhack Winter 2016!