Dota 2 Camp

Welcome to the rental page for the DotA 2 Training Camp!

Renting a computer, together with a monitor for the entire event has a total cost of 2200 SEK.

The PCs vary slightly in hardware, but all pull off Dota 2 without any issues at 240Hz quality (except when MK ults from fog, RIP all PCs). The PCs on the lower end of the spectrum was used by Virtus Pro to bootcamp on during the last DPC season (the very same PCs) and were deemed good enough, so don’t fret.
When designating the PCs, we simply follow a list where your name and completed booking process is shown. The earlier you book, the higher up on the list you go and therefore can enjoy a few extra FPS when you play!

If you wish to rent peripherals (headset, mouse and keyboard) please express your interest in the form below and we will stay in touch regarding availability and pricing.

If you pay by PayPal, filling out the form and successfully paying will reserve your computer. You will receive a notification from us letting you know that your PC and monitor is reserved.

If you pay by invoice it works as follows; a correctly filled out form will start the process of reserving your computer. After this is filled out, you will receive an email with an invoice and a rental contract.

Signing this contract and paying the fee are the two steps needed to be fulfilled to ensure the delivery of the equipment to the training camp. Once we have received the payment the equipment is reserved for you, and you will be notified accordingly.

Any other inquiries should be directed to us via mail, at – add the subject “DotA 2 Training Camp” for faster handling!

Best of luck with your endeavours,



  • Price: 220,00 € Quantity:

    Damage to rented equipment or loss of the whole or any part of this equipment
    When returning the equipment to Gameffect i Jönköping AB (from hereon referenced as Gameffect AB), if it is damaged for reasons other than normal wear and tear, or if any parts are missing, Gameffect AB is entitled to charge the lessee (from hereon referenced as the Customer) the full value of the damaged or missing equipment according to the applicable price list. The equipment being leased, and the value of the equipment, are agreed upon by the Customer and Gameffect AB when this document is signed. The Customer must return the equipment in the original packaging that was provided when the goods were delivered. The Customer is responsible for having adequate insurance, as Gameffect AB's insurance does not cover rental.

    Care of equipment
    Leased equipment must be handled so that it does not change beyond the normal wear and tear. Would the equipment become unusable while leased by the Customer, Gameffect AB will charge the Customer the full value of the damaged equipment according to the applicable price list. If at any point in time the equipment is not functioning while being rented by the Customer, the Customer must report this immediately.

    Payment information
    Payment terms-30 days net. Upon payment after due date, interest on arrears and, where applicable, compensation for reminders and collection claims by law are debited.