Gameffect Rules

Gameffect’s rules are upheld by the staff of Gameffect. Any doubt of interpretation falls into the hands of the staff to judge. Gameffect has the absolute ruling of any case and if there is a failure to comply with the rules of the business it might lead to anything between a verbal warning to a lifetime ban.
If resistance or unwillingness to comply after the verdict of Gameffect has been put in place, the risk of harder punishments increases as per the discretion of the staff of Gameffect.

Any ruling of the staff is final.

Gameffect has camera surveillance throughout the shop and gaming center.

  • Gameffect does not allow food or drinks from other establishments to be brought into Gameffect – even if you don’t plan to consume it. No exceptions.
  • Gameffect has a zero tolerance policy towards drugs, smoking and alcohol and these may not be used in the shop or gaming center.
  • Gameffect is a calm environment. The sound level should always remain appropriate, and cursing is frowned upon.
  • Gameffect does not take responsibility for valuables and personal belongings.
  • Gameffect will place charges against all sabotage, destruction or theft of anything owned by Gameffect. This includes peripheral damages as well.
  • Eventual disagreements is handled by the on-site staff.