Gameffect first opened its doors in the city of Nässjö in 2009 as a small gaming café with 20 PCs. Two years later, the business moved to Jönköping and grew to 45 PCs.

With the vision to deliver a high-end gaming experience to our customers, Gameffect was soon the only gaming center in Jönköping.

During the summer of 2011, Gameffect got its first opportunity to work alongside Dreamhack as we housed esports professionals at our venue for the first time.
After using our PCs to host some of the largest esports competitions at the event, Gameffect still delivers technology to Dreamhack events. During our busiest event we delivered technology to booths covering over two thirds of the EXPO area of Dreamhack.

In 2016 Gameffect changed its venue, and together with amazing partners we built an arena that has received positive criticism from professionals in over 30 esports organisations.

During the past two years we renewed every piece of tech at our venue and launched a webshop. We are now looking at new challenges and ventures as 2020 approaches.