About Gameffect

Gameffect started up in the town of Nässjö in 2009. What then was a small venue with a kiosk and 20 computers fast grew into a vision of a larger place. In a time where more and more gaming cafes closed down, Gameffect decided to take the opposite route and expand.

2011 we closed shop in Nässjö, and Gameffect headed to Jönköping where 20 computers became 45 instead. With the core idea of always delivering a great gaming experience for our customers, Gameffect soon became the only gaming center in a town where there used to be four.

During the summer of 2011, Gameffect had our first contact with Dreamhack. Our center hosted three Korean stars of Starcraft 2, all of whom took spots in the top 4 of the tournament.

Between 2011 and 2015, the cooperation with Dreamhack expanded remarkably and during the busiest Dreamhack event, Gameffect delivered booths and technological solutions to over 60% of the booth space at the EXPO area at Dreamhack.

There was a time for more change, and that time was March 2016. Even though the move was merely 100 metres away, the new venue fulfilled hopes and expectations of creating a whole new idea of gaming centers. 45 PCs became 55, and all the handshakes at Dreamhack came into fruition in the form of amazing partners that we could not do without. Together with them, we created the new Gameffect.

Today, we are looking at expanding Gameffect’s areas of business in several directions. 2017 is a year filled with cooperations, business development and widened horizons.