League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. ggCircuit is happy to provide support for this game that benefits you with prizes and much more. To connect your League of Legends summoner with your LAN center account you must tell your LAN center host your summoner name and have them link it. Once linked ggCircuit will begin tracking all of your matches and match stats while you play at your LAN center. Depending on the type of game you play and what you do in match this could earn you extra in-game points beyond your 60 per hour. This League of Legends standings page provides completed match stats at both a global and local level for ggCircuit participants.


League of Legends points are awarded in a match as follows:


Deaths -0.5

Assists +1.5

Creeps +0.01

Triple Kill +2

Quadra Kill +5

Penta Kill +10

Over 10 Kills +2

Over 10 Assists +2


Solo/Duo Queues x1.25

Ranked Team Queues x1.5