Gameffect has had the honor of having the team Red Reserve BootCamping here with us during this week.

Red Reserve is a Swedish Counter-Strike team. The team has numerous wins offline as well as online. During Dreamhack Masters Valencia, the team finished in second place after the Swedish finalists Ninjas in Pajamas.

The team has been plagued by several member changes lately but has managed to emerge as a strong and skilled team of progressive players.

The team:

Sweden twist– Simon Eliasson

Sweden disco doplan– Joakim Gidetun

Sweden freddieb– Fredrik Buö

Sweden hampus– Hampus Poser

Sweden Brollan– Ludvig Brolin

Sweden Chrille– Christian Lindberg (Coach)


Thank you guys for staying at Gameffect & we hope that you enjoyed your time here- Welcome back!